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Massoth 8154501 eMOTION M Locomotive Decoder | Big Train World

Massoth 8154501 eMOTION M Locomotive Decoder | Big Train World
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eMOTION M Locomotive Decoder
Very small 1,8 Amp Locomotive Decoder with 6 function outputs, suitable for small locomotives with one motor

The eMOTION M Loco Decoder is the smallest unit of the G scale series decoders.
This decoder is fully NMRA/DCC compatible.
It is ideal for retrofitting to a 4-lead motor block in exceptionally small G-Scale locomotives
as well as smaller gauges as H0 for example.
Maximum load capacity 1 Amps. 5 function outputs available.
The operation with an additional power buffer increases the dependability to a maximum. Brief track power interruptions will be bridged in analog and digital operation. Contaminated tracks and switch frogs will be passed without any speed changes or interruptions.

Recommended installation light railway loco

Features of the eMOTION M Loco Decoder:
  • Loco decoder for digital and analog operation
  • 14, 28 and 128 speed steps
  • 1,2Amps motor output
  • Output for a RC-Servo
  • Bus-Interface for MASSOTH and LGB® modules
  • Programmable driving curve
  • Start, mid and maximum speed adjustable (incl. lag times)
  • Serial and parallel data processing for all light and function outputs
  • Control of parallel updated modules (LGB®)
  • Digital and analog operation with automatic detection
  • Compatible with NMRA DCC and LGB® MTS (all generations)
  • Latest generation back-EMF (digital and analog)
  • Adjustable motor frequency (70Hz - 16 kHz)
  • 2 light outputs (front, rear) max. 0,5Amps each
  • 5 functions outputs (2 x 0,3Amps each , 2 x 50mAmps each and 1 x 10mAmps)
  • Dimmable light and function outputs, activatable in analog
  • Programmable flashing light function and short term function
  • Switching speed and lag times activatable with function key
  • Easy function mapping with direction assignment
  • All function outputs freely addressable (F1 to F16)
  • Terminals for power buffer for smooth and steady operation integrated (Item No.: 8151001 or 8151501)
  • Overload and thermal protection for motor and function outputs
  • Reset function for all CV-values
  • CV-reading
  • CV-writing
  • CV-writing bit-by-bit
  • CV indirect programming (by register programming for old digital sytems)
  • Direct register programming (CV 1 - CV4)
  • POM - Programming-on-Main (Programming on main track)

Dimensions: 27 x 14 x 6,5 mm
Item-No.: 8154501